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Hilfe? Englisch so in Ordnung: English abstract skilled work
Status: (Frage) überfällig Status 
Datum: 17:02 Mo 10.03.2008
Autor: schnippi84

Englischanteil meiner Facharbeit.  

Ich habe diese Frage in keinem Forum auf anderen Internetseiten gestellt.

Hallo Ihr,

muss für meine Facharbeit einen Englischenteil abgeben, also ein abstract. Hier mein Text. Könntet ihr kurz drüber fliegen, ob man nachvollziehen kann was ich in meiner Facharbeit plane.
Über Korrekturvorschläge frue ich mich natürlich auch. Vielen Dank!!!

1.Concept description

I would like to design a cookery book. I should be entitled “Cooking-art”.
I am planning to put the generally emphasis on the aesthetical appearance of the meals.

1.1. Motivations idea
During the subject “History of Art” with our teacher Werner Hilscher in the subject area of the
Renaissance, we adapted the change of a craftsman to an artist in the 15.Century.
Someone in our Class asked if we think cooking is also a kind of art, or just a trade.
Unfortunately this idea has so far neither been approved by the class nor discussed in detail.
So since this time one question was concerning me again and again.
Is cooking a kind of art?

After a few research in the World Wide Web and in some interesting books about this issue,
I found out that there is even a genre which deals with works of arts depending on Food.
This genre is called:”EAT ART”

The strangest work of art in this genre is not dealing with cooking or ingestion, but with
the digestion of the meals. It is called “Cloaca” and was created by the Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. He was questing a few years until he was able to develop the machine called “Cloaca“  The machine is about 12 meters long and consists of glass plunger, tubes and

Everyday the Cloaca is being fed with two gastronome set meals.

After that the audience is able watch how „Cloaca“, is digesting the meals by means of modern laboratory technology. At the end of the complex machine artificial excrements are falling on an assembly line, which are very similar to the human excrements in their biochemical composition.  

An absurd work, you might think. But it is a very profitable art.
After signing the excrements Wim Delvoye is selling them about 1000$ each one.

Is art a kind of art?
If you look at cooking in a way of a trade, and you add some sensibility and new perspectives
then it needs to become a kind of art. It is a fading art, but is a genre, because not everybody can realize what is happening there.
If you take a look in cooking books you will determine that you are always just duplicating a dish. By using a cooking book you won’t create your own meals, so this is not a kind of art.
It is even less creative.
So even if cooking books have a kind of artwork, they will never be an art book, even if they look like one. They will always be just a kind of guidebook.

1.2.2.Analysis of the research  
By these cognitions I was realizing that my cooking book will not be a kind of art book,
because it is proposing the recipes, so the observer is not being animated to create a meal by their self.

So I decided to create a cooking book which is centring the appearances of the dishes,
but which is not claiming to be an art book.


Development of an aesthetically appealing cooking book.
To factor the current Cook-Hype (see selling conditions) into the appearance of the book,
the book needs to have a modern, young and fresh looking.
The selling point should be the appealing appearance of the cooking book.
Recipes which are shown should not be to complicated or to time-consuming. The dishes needs to be preferably natural. The aesthetical appearance of the meals should be given by the natural colours of the food.

Target group
People between 20 and 50 years, which attach importance to design and nice things, should be attracted by this cooking book.
Of course the largest consumer group will be women, because the majority of the cooking population is female.
The typical buyer of the cooking book will be an independent modern, young or with a young spirit woman.
Another customer group could be people who are dealing with creative work, like architects or designers. Creative people are often freaked in creatively cooking.
To appeal this target group an appealing arrangement above average is necessary.  

1.5.Problems and solutions

Important Aspects
Attention should be paid on the persuasive appearance, because the selling argument will be the appearance of the book and not the content.
The cooking book needs to look modern, but not overstated.
The aesthetic of forms, colours and structures should be framing the recipes in a pleasing way.
In the foreground of the consideration should stand that the book will be an inspiring show-and-tell object.

Of particular importance is the choose of colours and their concinnity’s, because they are the
essential part of the design. A further developed dynamical colour range could be helpful to find harmonically colours.

1.6. Concept
Planned design of the cookbook

I decided to create a cookbook, where the recipes are categorised in terms of colour. That means that each dish has to be assigned to matching colour themes.
So the main focus will be on the colour of the dishes.
A colourful and joyful atmosphere can be created by using such a colour importance.
Also I want to research matching adjectives to each colour theme. For example_Cherry red and tangerine orange- vibrant and bold
In centre of the design are standing the colours. It is important that the colours are always
Appetizing, because they need to interpret the dishes taste. Some examples
Water blue
Apple green
berry red
cherry red
chocolate brown

The format should be quadratic with a size about 25cm x 25cm.

Hilfe? Englisch so in Ordnung: Fälligkeit abgelaufen
Status: (Mitteilung) Reaktion unnötig Status 
Datum: 17:22 Mi 12.03.2008
Autor: matux

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